Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Re-edited Title Sequence

Though we agreed on keeping the typography that we originally had but changing the colour of it, our audience feedback all responded that the font itself was too blurry for them to read, no matter what the colour. In response to this, we spent more time on dafont.com and decided on a new typography. We feel as if An Unfortunate Event continues the eerie, spooky tone that we wanted our title sequence to have whilst being more practical in regards to how clear it is. We agree and appreciate our audience feedback that white is a better colour to use because now there is no struggle to read our font.

We debated on using Charles S. Font and did test it out in our title sequence but felt it wasn't connected to the horror genre enough and could suggest that our film was a thriller instead.

We are happy with the changes made to our sequence, especially the typography, and feel as if it has improved. We will again screen our sequence to a group of people that fall into our target audience (teenagers) to confirm that our newly added nursery rhyme works or if the pace needs to be altered. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Title Sequence Feedback Editing

In response to the class feedback that our sequence may be eerier/creepier if we added in the nursery rhyme that we originally recorded, we played around with effects that would alter the nursery rhyme and placed it in our sequence. One of the reasons we scrapped it originally was because we couldn't find a place to put it as our soundtrack and foley sound took up everything but we resolved this problem by putting it over the soundtrack and turning it's volume down. Another reason was that we just didn't feel as if it created the eerie atmosphere that we wanted but, after distorting the sound and pairing it with our non-diegetic sound, we played it to some of our peers who confirmed that it made them feel uncomfortable and therefore worked in the way in which we wanted it to. 

We have made most of the adjustments possible to our title sequence highlighted from our feedback and are now simply adding the finishing touches, such as adding in fade transitions to the sound so that our sequence flows well and the sound doesn't just cut off.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Title Sequence Feedback Editing

We have since started editing to improve our sequence with the help of our class feedback that demonstrated how our target audience would respond. Our main adjustment will be to the font; the class suggested that we changed the colour so that it was clearer to see along with the actual typography and where it was positioned (for the last shot where our title comes up). We are currently looking for another font but are struggling to find one that will work for our sequence.  We feel as if Supernatural Knight may be too boring and as if Ed Gein may be too connected to the slasher genre and it is important to us that the audience do not loose sight of the horror genre of our sequence.

We have changed the colour of our first font, 'nervous', to white for the time being and feel as if it has improved the clarity. However, for our last word- the film's title- the white made the clarity even worse so we have decided to just change that to a brighter red. We showed our adjusted title sequence to our peers who confirmed that they could now see the font clearly and so are planning to keep initial font (unless we do manage to find another) because the style still connotes our horror genre the most. In order to confirm that our font does so, we will screen our title sequence again to a wider range of people and see if they think it works.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Title Sequence Feedback/Audience Response

After presenting our clips to the class,  they gave us audience feedback. They decided that our camera movement was quite shaky at points, which we agreed with and did attempt to resolve beforehand by overlapping some clips during the production stage. Regarding the absence of our originally storyboarded nursery rhyme, the class suggested that our sequence may be eerier if we added it back in or maybe record some children giggling but, whilst we want our sequence to be creepy, we did attempt this during the production process and it didn't work. We also aren't sure where it could go in the sequence and so we're still debating this.

The class also suggested that our font was not clear enough, due to the colour and suggested a white instead. We originally wanted the colour of our font to be red to connote the horror genre however there are some parts of the sequence where the red makes it difficult to see and so are in the process of adjusting the colour.